PCS Edventures! Continues to Bring Drone Racing to the Forefront of ESports and Experiential Entertainment


Boise, Idaho, October 26, 2017 — PCS Edventures!.com, Inc., (PCSV) a leading provider of K-12 Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs, and its Thrust-UAV drone product division, attended the Gaming Experiential Entertainment (GE2) conference in Seattle, Washington, showcasing the highly successful Spec-League-Class Riot 250R Pro during the Pro Aerial League drone racing event.

PCS Edventures! has devoted itself to making aerial robotics an easily approachable platform for the average user. From the development of the Discover Drones educational product line to the rapidly expanding network of middle and high school sites participating in drone competitions, PCSV has again brought UAVs to the people with the Riot 250R Pro, a racing drone built by professional pilots with the average flyer in mind.

The Riot is fast, extremely durable, customizable and the ideal drone for anyone looking to make the transition from hobbyist to drone racing pilot. With a nearly-indestructible polycarbonate skirt encasing the drone’s cutting-edge flight systems, power distribution board and carbon fiber body, the Riot stands-up to the unrelenting hands of pilots-in-training, making it a perfect fit for high school learning environments looking to upgrade from the Discover Drones training drone. It houses 49 bright, fully customizable LED lights, an F4 flight controller and can reach speeds over 80mph.

This past weekend, PCS and Thrust-UAV exhibited the Riot 250R Pro at the GE2 conference, both in-person and through the spectacular success of the Pro Aerial League racing event. The Riot 250R was the spec drone selected for the Pro Aerial League event and the incredible durability of the Riot was on display, bringing spectators the high-speed thrills, collisions and competition once only found at traditional race tracks. Drone racing is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Coupling ESports with the breakneck, split-second decision making of aerial flight, it has truly bridged the gap between state-of-the-art technologies and exclusive sports, allowing average users the opportunity to compete at an elite level. After a successful launch and first season, the Pro Aerial League is expanding into other cities across the nation.

“The Pro Aerial League is an incredible opportunity,” said Todd Hackett, PCS Edventures! CEO. “It’s bringing STEM to the world through hands-on events and races. As a highlight of the GE2 conference, it’s easy to see why drones continue to be the fastest-growing technology on the planet. From elementary schools to sold-out Pro Aerial League events, they’re taking the world by storm.”

“When we founded the Pro Aerial League, we wanted to find the best racing drone that would showcase the skill of our pilots and this partnership with PCS Edventures! and their Thrust-UAV Riot 250R Pro drone is exactly what we were looking for,” said Scott Whiteker, CEO of the Pro Aerial League. “This type of partnership between a drone racing manufacturer and drone racing league had never been done before and our pilots are definitely excited to be flying the Riot 250R Pro racing drones.”


About PCS Edventures!

PCS Edventures!.com, Inc. (OTCPK: PCSV) is a Boise, Idaho company that designs and delivers technology-rich products and services for the K-12 market that develop 21st-century skills. PCS programs emphasize experiential learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) and have been deployed at over 7,000 sites in all 50 United States and 17 foreign countries.



About Pro Aerial League

The Pro Aerial League is the first professional team based drone racing league to launch in the United States. The league is made up of 6 teams, of 6 pilots, with both traditional and non-traditional drone racing formats. The Pro Aerial League is based in Seattle, Washington and is a franchise based racing league with expansion to other markets currently being planned.


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